4 Tips for Your Next Camping Adventure

Family camping vacations

When was the last time you went tent camping with your family? If it?s been a while, this year might be the time to change that around.

While many people are concerned with taking expensive trips and seeing a million sites, sometimes it?s good to just relax, enjoy nature, and spend time with your family and possibly friends, who are likely often too busy to meet up otherwise.

According to recent data, about 40 million Americans (14% of the entire population) go camping every year. Will you be a part of this in 2016? Here?s a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Many Types of Camping to Suit Different Folks

You may cringe at the idea of tent camping, and everything that goes with it. Or on the other hand, you may hate the idea of staying in a cabin when the entire outdoor experience is calling to you. No matter what, there are numerous camping options available to suit your individual style. You wouldn?t be the first or last person to opt out of buying tents, sleeping mats and sleeping bags from your local camping store. If you do decide to go tent camping, there?s a wide range of options available; many luxury tents barely feel like tents at all!

2. Prepare Ahead of Time

Part of the appeal of a camping trip is getting away from it all, but keep in mind that you really will be away from it all. It can be difficult or at the very least expensive to obtain food when you?re out in the woods — you may only end up having a very limited range of overpriced camping food options to choose from once you arrive. You should also call ahead to see how internet service is; if you have bills to pay during this time, for example, and you normally pay online, you may want to take care of this far ahead of time instead.

3. Plan Fun Things

If this is a family vacation, make sure there?s more to keep your kids entertained than just a couple fishing poles — especially in case the fish don?t end up biting! Luckily, it?s fairly easy to get some entertainment together for your camping trip. Southern campgrounds, for example, often have waterparks nearby you can explore. It?s also a good idea to pack some cheap, portable crafts that can keep kids entertained for hours.

4. Be Safe

Overall, camping is a very safe activity. Whenever you’re going family camping, though, make sure you’re keeping safety in your mind. It’s easy for unsupervised kids to wander off too far, so set up clear perimeters of areas kids can’t go past without an adult. Always keep an eye out when you are near water, and follow all local rules regarding the storage of food and trash to avoid run-ins with wildlife.

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