What to look for on your campgrounds

Camp resorts

Out of all the wilderness you can partake in, camping might be the most exciting and fun. Whether you do it with a big group or by yourself, camping is always an interesting experience that puts you right close to the nature that supports us all. Of course, each type of camping trip has its own idiosyncrasies. Family camping trips can be different than solo tent camping which are also different going to a camp resort or a series of camp resorts. Camping can also be different depending on where you live. Canadian campgrounds are not the same as Ohio campgrounds, for instance. This is one of the reasons that it’s so fun and interesting to go camping. The geography and the topology of the landscape changes everywhere you go! Still, with all of this variety there’s a few similarities that all campgrounds share. From Canadian campgrounds to Indiana campgrounds, all different campgrounds usually possess the same basic resources for campers to use. Here’s a short list of what to look for during your next camping excursion.

    Cooking and eating
    To start, let’s compare two different theoretical campgrounds together. Any of the basic Tennessee campgrounds are going to be probably located in forests or the smaller swamps they have within the bounds of the state. But all of them are going to have a central pit to cook over and a stove on top of that. Moving farther north, any of the basic Canadian campgrounds are likely to be centered around lakes, colder forests and high mountains but, you guessed it, they are going to be set up the same way. This isn’t only for convenience’s sake either. The central fire pit and stove are an integral part of the experience that serve a couple different and distinct functions. First of all, they’re made so that there’s a central point for people to return to. It’s easy to lose your way in the wilderness, especially if you don’t have much outdoor experience. You don’t want to venture out of your Canadian campgrounds and end up in a dangerous, frozen area. The central fire pit is one stable area to which you can always return. Secondly, it serves a social function. Sitting around a fire and cooking is one of the oldest bonding activities in human history. It serves as communication tool to say we are all here and we are all the same. Now someone tell a story!
    Hiking signs
    This is leaving the central pit of the campground and traveling to the outside edge of the wilderness. Let’s take a look at the Canadian campgrounds again. These campgrounds, like much of Canada itself, are probably going to feature some fantastic and rustic scenery that’s worth seeing. But it’s not so easy, again, especially for people without much experience. That’s why most of these campgrounds have government mandated signs and posts to show where hiking trails are and where they eventually lead. The purpose of these signs is obvious enough but it does bear repeating and underlining. In a lot of ways, they serve a similar purpose to the fire pit. In our modern lives, we don’t think too often about how to get directions. Not with maps and instant GPS. But it’s not so easy in the woods. Directions and guidance can become a matter of life and death and you can never be too careful.
    Sleeping areas
    Camping is, of course, also amazingly relaxing as well as recreational. Sleeping in the wilderness can be invigorating and refreshing but only if you know how to choose the right spots. To this end, Canadian campgrounds, and all other campgrounds, will always have cleared out spots for tents and sleeping bags. It’s easy to find these spots when you look. They’ll often be flat and cleared out, with no rocks or sticks lying on the ground. They will be even and free of any small mounds or hills. If the tent area is a little neglected or lumpy, don’t be afraid to clear out anything that’s in your way. The park service will appreciate this and you’ll have a better sleep later!

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