What to Understand About Indoor Shooting Ranges

If you’ve recently purchased a firearm, you may be looking for a safe location to test it out. Local indoor shooting ranges are a great place to test out equipment and learn more about proper gun ownership. However, if you’ve never visited one before, you may be wondering where to begin. Understanding indoor shooting ranges can help you determine whether it’s the right time for you to visit one.

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Gun safety is imperative, especially when going to a shooting range. Never point a firearm at anyone on the shooting range. Always point it in a safe direction or toward the ground.

It’s critical to keep your finger off the trigger and the safety on when you’re not using your firearm. Only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot. Your gun should remain unloaded when you enter and exit the firing range. It should only be loaded when you get to the firing line.

Lastly, when someone yells “Cease Fire,” immediately stop firing your firearm and wait for instructions. Always follow the safety precautions of the professionals when you’re in the firing range to avoid any issues. If you continue to use your firearm, action may be taken against you and, in some cases, you may be banned from returning.

For more information about indoor shooting ranges, please review the attached video.

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