How to Set Up Minimalist Campsites

There are certain campsites that you can set up to take care of the needs that you have to get out in nature without taking too many things with you. It is important that you think about this as you work on creating a campsite in Oakland, CA!

Make sure you think about the restroom facilities that you might require when you are setting up a minimalist campsite for yourself and those who want to rent from you. A porta potty rental in Oakland is ideal for setting up minimalist campsites.

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Aside from restrooms, be sure all the campsites have cut grass so campers can set up their tents with ease. Also, consider adding handwashing stations so individuals can wash their hands after using the bathroom, wash their veggies and fruits before cooking, and more. Having access to clean water is key while camping.

Once the campsites are set up, be sure to advertise them online. You may use your own website, AirBnB, or another way to market your minimalist campsite business. Take pictures highlighting the amazing features your campsites offer!

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