Guide to Traveling While Out on Bail

When you get arrested, you will likely need a specific company to take care of most of the bail so that you can leave before your court date. Does that mean you can do anything you like while out on bail bonds? Well, according to A-1 Bail Bonds, that’s a clear no. If you want to travel outside of the state you were arrested in, it’s important to go to the court and ask permission before you do so.

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To do this, you can contact your attorney and let them know that you want to travel out of state. They can then check with the court and make sure that it’s ok to do so. In most cases, the court will simply allow the travel. Be sure to submit your travel plan details to your attorney. There may be some occasions when the court won’t ok travel. This may have to do with what the charges are and what your criminal history is like.

When you’ve sought out bonds to get you out of jail, make sure that you wait for official approval from the court before you travel. This can be a violation of your release terms and land you back in jail again.

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